THE THREAT to Banks Peninsula / Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū

An estimated 68,000 native birds are killed in New Zealand by introduced pests every night, and 25 million killed every year. The threat that pests present to our natural taonga, economy and primary sector is estimated to cost about $3.3 billion per year.

Introduced pests are the major threat to biodiversity on Banks Peninsula:
  • Native bird species are vulnerable to rats, stoats, feral cats and possums.
  • Lizards and invertebrates are vulnerable to rats, hedgehogs and mice.
  • Indigenous plants are vulnerable to browsing goats, deer, possums, rabbits, hares and rooting pigs.
Without protection from pests, we will lose Banks Peninsula / Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū’s taonga; species which are found nowhere else in the world:
  • 41 plant species are classified as regionally endangered or threatened. 
  • Three of six of the reptile species, found on the Peninsula, are classified as threatened.
  • More than ten native bird species are locally extinct.